Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ta Ra Rum Pum..

Just finished listening to the songs of Ta Ra Rum Pum. Can't stop raving about one particular song - 'Saiyaan Ve'. What a beauty of a song. Easily the best song in an otherwise boring soundtrack. It starts off with a folksy guitar, then progresses on to some Western percussion beats, finally blending and playing in tandem with the dholak. And you can't miss the rock pieces from an electric guitar throughout the song, plus the occasional title piece on a piano and the folksy guitar instrument providing the accompaniment. Phew! One hell of an amazing sound arrangement!

Sung by the music director Vishal Dadlani himself, this touching yet inspirational song is a winner all the way. It's difficult to believe that this is the same guy who sang the Western-sounding title track of Dhoom 2. Here he sounds like a combination of Kailash Kher and KK. Very classical, very soulful, very indian. Javed Akhtar, as he always does, delivers top-class lyrics the way only he can. Don't miss this track! Miss the film, but not this track!

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