Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Return of Himesh

Himesh Reshammiya has made a comeback to Bollywood after a refreshing break(for us). Though I hate this guy from the bottom, top, inside and outside of my heart, he still keeps amazing me all the time. He's composed music(?), lent his voice(??) to his songs, now he's starring(hahahah) in a film of his own!! Boy, this dude's really got the guts to stretch his luck this far. What next? Direction? Production? Choreography?

And that new girl paired with him... why is she being called "Riyaa" ??.. To my eyes, she is the little girl Hansika Motwani from Koi Mil gaya, now grown up. There are so many people with similar sounding names... Riya, Riyaa, Rimi, Rimii, Rima, Reema, Raima.. (Oi Maa!!) I've lost count of them. By the way, she was supposed to debut with Mithun's son Mimoh right? Guess she couldn't resist Himesh's offer...

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