Saturday, May 12, 2012

Top 10 ways to look busy at work.

(10) Create random reminders on Outlook and set them to flash every now and then. (This works especially well if you frequently use your laptop to give powerpoint presentations)

(9) Set your office chat client status to "Do not Disturb" every now and then.

(8) Always hold a pen between your fingers wherever you go, as if about to write something down

(7) Keep a notepad handy with some business jargon written on it. When you scoot off for coffee/cigarettes, leave this open notepad on your desk for anyone walking by, to see.

(6) Walk around in office wearing your phone's bluetooth headset all the time. When talking into it, gently press your fingers against it, like the cool blokes in Hollywood movies.

(5) Walk up and down inside the washroom, talking loudly on the phone.

(4) Add the line "Sent from my Blackberry/Mobile device" to your Outlook email signature on your computer as well.

(3) *ALWAYS* keep a complicated Excel sheet open in minimized mode at your PC. when someone walks by, Hit Alt-tab and press random buttons on the Excel ribbon.

(2) Conclude telephonic conversations with clients/co-workers by saying  "Can you drop me a mail on this?"

(1) When in the midst of an uninteresting conversation, whip out your smartphone and stare intently at it. Press the Menu key, scroll around to each icon, then press the Home key. Repeat.


Raghav said...

lol! awesum...

Madhura Tendulkar said...

Its brilliant vivek... Can I share it??