Monday, March 1, 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 Review

Just tried my hands on the latest Office 2010 beta. Yes, Microsoft has improved! Three things that I found better than Office 2007:

1. It actually loads faster. Yeah, it does! It took less than three seconds for my files to open up in Word, Excel or Powerpoint.

2. A handy little tool called Insert Screenshot, allows you to clip out pieces of a screenshot from any application, and directly insert it into your doc or ppt. Sure, the Snipping tool of Vista/7 can do the job, but this does it better and faster.

3. Powerpoint simply rocks!! The transition effects in Powerpoint are just super-cool. Of course most of the effects have been blatantly inspired by Apple's Keynote, but what the heck.. Windows users couldn't use Keynote anyway. So all those cool transition effects actually make your slideshows look very sleek. My favourites are the Vortex - each slide kinda explodes to reveal the next slide, and Gallery - each slides moves like an image in a picture album - see it to understand it!)

I haven't used Outlook yet, but from what I read on the net, it does a nice little job of bunching emails into conversations, just like Gmail. So I think that's a major improvement too.

So, is Office 2010 worth the upgrade? I'd say yes, for the increase in speed, handy little tweaks and the snazzy transition effects in Powerpoint. Microsoft has delivered, finally!


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