Friday, April 24, 2009

Chennai Chapter...

And so, out of the blue, I have been flung far away from my cosy Mumbai home to distant Chennai, for my summer internship. Thankfully I can speak the local language, so life is manageable. Just that I have to now adjust to a very limited range of options for my food, specifically four  - Idli, Dosa, Medu wada and Uttappa.

The positive point is that my office is airconditioned, and so is my guest house. Which is very comfortable, give the hot and humid Chennai weather. The downside is that the the TV in my guest house screens mostly southie channels, and I have only recently realized that there were so many south indian channels on air in the first place! 
Sample this:
Sun TV
Jaya TV
'K' TV
Surya TV
Udaya TV
Gemini TV

And to add to it, there are also some Southie music channels (SS Music, Gemini Music, and some more that I can't remember), mostly beaming corny south indian music videos where oversized females heave bosom and pelvis with great gusto. Occasionally you find a few cute-looking girls, but mostly you feel pity for them coz fat, old and ugly men being passed off as 'heroes', move their hands and mouths all over the helpless girls.

Fortunately, SET Max is available, and so I enjoy most evenings glued to IPL.

Coming to Chennai, the transport system seems to be surprisingly well-organized (or maybe I had a wrong notion about Chennai). The buses are good, the trains aren't bad either. Neither are too crowded, and I generally have a comfortable journey to my office. Project work hasn't started off in full swing either, I'm just getting my bearings on the telecom industry.

Hopefully the good life will continue for the next 40 days...

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