Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Living the MBA Dream

As they say, life's what happens to you when you have other plans. Nothing sums up the story of my life more aptly. Dealing with rejects from various colleges on one hand, and thinking of CAT-2008 on the other, while at the same time balancing my work at TCS, I suddenly find myself out of TCS and into a management college within a span of ten days!! Destiny sure has rather innovative ways of proving that it is indeed unpredictable.
It's no secret that the most beautiful places in the world are those that haven't yet been touched by man. One such place is where I have landed up, my college campus. As I sit near the window of my hostel room and write this, a cool breeze blows past my ear, causing me goosebumps. This truly is one amazing place! Situated on a hill overlooking Pune, my college campus at Lavale is nothing short of a hill-station. The view in every direction is simply breathtaking, and there are times when, walking down the road, I just stop in my tracks to admire the view, even though I've been seeing it all through this week. It feels almost stupid to be studying in a place which looks like a picnic spot!

So, college's started, and I'm back to being a student after two years in the corporate world. A strange feeling, to sit and listen to four-hour long lectures, and experience that familiar drowsy feeling after lunch, when the lecturer's rhythmic cadence gradually puts you to sleep. A weird feeling, when I have to pay for tea and coffee (I am so used to drinking several cups of coffee during the day, from the coffee machine at my office). A realization that I'm no longer earning money, but instead spending it!

So here starts a new phase in my life.. new challenges, new opportunities, new avenues... and my career is now (hopefully) traversing through a warp zone..

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