Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Finance MisManagement

After the CAT, it's time for an onslaught of dogs, sheep, goats, cows and the rest of the cattle. And the worst part is, each one of them is damn expensive! I've spent nearly ten thousand bucks on exam and college admission forms alone, and there are more to come yet. My folks think I've got a secret source of illegal income, that's why I'm spending so much of it. But how do I explain, that this is how this wretched world works? That you have to apply to several colleges EVEN BEFORE knowing how much you will score in their entrance exam? It is obvious that this is nothing but an easy way for these greedy colleges to make more money. Their excuse: If you get into one of these colleges, you'll make a hundred times more money after passing out.

Aha. Thus you learn the first principle of management before even getting into the college - I'll loot you, you loot someone else.

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