Thursday, October 25, 2007

The CountDown begins....

Yikes! I almost forgot that I had a blog! Been ages and ages and some more ages since I last posted on my blog. I guess there are several reasons ranging from hectic work schedules to erratic internet connections (the main reason, however, is my eternal laziness).

Hmm.. Right now, the time is 12:05 AM (What a beautiful time to write a blog) on 25th October 2007. I'm on leave for the past few days for certain "feline" reasons (get the hint). However, I don't seem to be making much use of this leave, as is evident from the fact that I'm spending this leave writing blogs!

Another 11 days of leave to go, and less than 25 days before the feline finally strikes. Let's see whether I have an adequate answer this time. Every day I motivate myself with lots of inspirational thoughts like "Chak De!" and crap like that.. but every sunday morning brings me crashing back to reality.. reminding me that I'm just an ordinary bloke among the crowd, who stands no chance.

I'm gonna need lots and lots of favours from a certain lady, named Miss Luck.. But right now, she seems to be in a rather grumpy mood, so I'm just gonna hope that she finally smiles on me on the D-day.. (or rather, the C-day!).

Chalo cya.. the next post on this blog will probably be after my rendezvous with Miss Kitty, and I hope I survive to tell the tale!

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