Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dual Joy....

Hmmmm... After nearly three weeks of surviving without a PC at home, I've finally got a new one. And how!! A roaring 64-bit Dual-core AMD Athlon 4400+ engine, powered by an ASUS 690G chipset-based motherboard, with a princely 1GB of Transcend DDR2 667 MHz RAM, plus a royal 256MB 7600GS graphic card which handles heavy-duty games like kid stuff. This is one wild beast for sure! And oh yes, there's also the visual and audio treat provided by the 19" Widescreen LCD monitor and my beloved Altec Lansing ATP3 audio system. Life sure has come a long way from my frail old Pentium III.

What makes this new PC special is that each and every part in this rig was handpicked by me after nearly seven months of painstaking research, and learning on computer hardware. All this hard work has finally culminated into a final product that has no possible drawbacks to the best of my knowledge. There is this immense feeling of joy when the shopkeeper at Lamington road tries to con you into buying something inferior, and you are able to see through his tricks. The knowledge that you know more about hardware than the guy in front of you.. it truly gives you a feeling of superiority. Knowledge is definitely a kind of power!!

Back on the work front, things looking gloomy as usual. Kintana still keeps springing new surprises for me, and am having a tough time handling her. But still, the frenzy of the previous weeks is now lesser, and I'm now slowly "getting into the groove".. but I guess I'll have a looooooong way to go before I manage to catch up with my teammates (most of whom seem to get some kind of divine pleasure in working for 12-15 hours a day!)

There's some kind of trek this weekend. I'm gonna be trying to heave my grossly unfit body over hills and mountains. Now that's what I call an "uphill" task! ;)

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